Todo Mexico

lunch specials

Served from 11:00 to 4:00 pm
Monday through Sunday

  • 1. One Enchilada $9.83
  • 2. One Taco $9.83

    with sour cream

  • 3. One Tostada $9.83
  • 4. Taco and Enchilada $12.43
  • 5. Two Enchiladas $12.43
  • 6. Enchilada and Tamale $12.43
  • 7. Burrito $12.43
  • 8. Enchilada and Tostada $12.43
  • 9. Chalupa $11.95
  • 10. Two Tacos $12.43
  • 11. Chile Relleno $12.43

    with guacamole

  • 12. Chimichanga $13.47

    with guacamole

  • 13. Enchiladas (en salsa de mole) $13.47

    Smothered with our home made mole sauce made with a blend of different chilies, roasted pecans and Mexican chocolate.

  • 14. Enchiladas Suiza $13.47

    Two Enchiladas smothered with a blend of our special tomatillo green sauce and melted monterrey jack cheese.

  • 15. Enchiladas en salsa de chipotle $13.47

    Two Enchiladas smothered in a light red sauce blend with smoked chipotle peppers and peanuts.

  • 16. Traditional Mexican Taquitos $13.36

    Two Enchiladas smothered in a light red sauce blend with smoked chipotle peppers and peanuts.

  • 17. Chicken Carnitas $15.03

    Strips of chicken breast grilled with red & green peppers, tomatoes and onions served with tortillas.

  • 18. Carnitas de Res $16.59

    Strips of rib eye steak sautéed with red & green peppers and onion. Served with tortillas.

  • 19. Arroz con Pollo $15.55

    Strips of chicken breast sautéed w/ fresh mushrooms, onions, red & green peppers w/ our mild sauce. Served on a bed of rice w/ melted Monterey jack cheese.

  • 20. Pollo con Creme $15.55

    Strips of chicken cooked in an authentic Mexican sour cream sauce with green peppers, onions and mushrooms served on a bed of rice with cheese.

  • 21. Carne asada $16.07

    Fillets of skirt steak char-broiled and garnished with white onions and guacamole.

  • 22. Pollo Asada $15.03

    Fillets of skirt steak char-broiled and garnished with white onions and guacamole.

  • 23. Pollo Al Chipotle $15.03

    Boneless and skinless strips of chicken marinated in tequila & special smoked jalapeño chilies, then sautéed with onion and zucchini, served with rice and your choice of beans.

  • 24. Chicken Mole $15.03

    Boneless chicken breast in a sweet yet spicy peanut butter based sauce with chocolate. Served with rice and beans.

  • 25. Chili Colorado $15.03

    Tender chunks of beef in a tasty red sauce of tomatoes, onions, mild peppers and spices. Served with tortillas.

  • 26. Chili Verde $15.55

    Tender chunks of pork in a tasty green sauce of tomatillos, onions, mild peppers and spices with tortillas.

  • 27. Three Huevos Rancheros, Three Tortillas $15.03
  • 28. Chorizo Con Huevos $15.03
  • 29. Veggie Fajitas $15.03

    Mushroom, broccoli, red & green peppers, carrots, spinach, broccoli, zuchini, guacamole & sour cream served with rice & beans w/ your choice of tortillas.

  • 30. Todo Mexico Taco Salad $15.03

    Flour tortilla shell filled with black beans, lettuce, slice of grilled chicken & low fat Mexican cheese & tomato.

  • 31. Nayarit Camarones Con Arroz $16.07

    Large fresh prawns sautéed in butter with fresh mushrooms, red & green peppers, onions w/ our mild sauce. Served on a bed of rice with melted monterey jack cheese and your choice of tortillas.

  • 32. Cabo San Lucas Camarones $16.07

    Large marinated prawns grilled with fresh red & green peppers, mushrooms, onion and spices served with rice, beans and guacamole.

  • 33. Mazatlan Camarones Al Mojo $15.03

    Large fresh prawns sautéed in butter w/ fresh garlic, mushrooms served with rice and beans and tortillas.

  • 34. Camarones Veracruz a la Diabla $16.07

    Large prawns sautéed in butter, chili, special tomato sauce, garlic and Mexican spices served with rice, beans and mushrooms.

  • 35. Baja California Tacos (Fish) $15.03

    Soft tortillas filled with grilled white fish sautéed in butter, fresh chopped garlic covered with our special tomato sauce, onions, red & white cabbage, cilantro and tomatoes served with rice and beans.

  • 36. Shrimp Caesar Salad $15.03

    Fresh crisp romaine lettuce topped with shrimp, whole black beans, ranchero cheese, tomatoes and avocado.

  • 37. Ensalada De Pollo $16.59

    Pieces of skinless chicken breast, marinated, char-broiled in lemon juice and oregano and special tomato sauce. Romaine lettuce, black beans, sliced avocado and tomatoes and our caesar dressing.

  • 38. Macho Burrito $16.59

    Large flour tortilla filled with filets of skirt steak with whole beans, onion, cilantro, avocado and tomato topped with cheese and special tomato sauce.

  • 39. Tacos Al Pastor $16.59

    Two corn tortillas dipped in special tomato sauce, grilled then stuffed w/ charbroiled marinated pork tenderloin or marinated skinless chicken breast. Garnished w/ fresh pineapple, Mexican cheese & guacamole.

  • 40. Seafood Enchiladas $17.63

    Two flour tortilla enchiladas filled with fresh crab, scallops, white fish, shrimp w/ tomato & onion in a creamy sauce, topped with green tomato sauce, monterey jack cheese and sour cream.

  • 41. Mexican Pork Carnitas $15.55

    Comes with rice, your choice of beans and choice of tortillas